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Aluminum composite facade price

The price of aluminum composite facade is determined by factors such as plate type ( containing brand, thickness, etc. % Purity of polyethylene and aluminum materials, fire fighting IS or is not the color type) is a type of three-dimensional diagram (no matter how many designs are larger than the cost gets higher) installation procedure of composite paper (because of the rut paper method, the specific amount of paper intake more compared with non-standard, H; For, or visit there., Hung method also cost excess readings compared with the fixed method there )

The amount of cans consumed in the building ( which are bred in it is very effective and directly related to the size of the project), the amount and the size of the project ( in the size of the project more. The employer is less expensive to operate and the sufferer becomes ( the height of the project ) whatever the height is greater than the cost of installing a trellis, then a sheet compound, etc. The employer has to be more ( project location ) whatever the project location is more remote. Employer cost more tolerant than to be )

Depends . With these circumstances, the bid price for aluminum composite facade regardless of the above, not be accurate.

Aluminum composite facade

But you sandals price will need to follow up on the interface composite price to earn. In analyzing the total costs to the following to calculate the area of the facade, be sure to pay attention to: the type of fixing means ( in the amount of use par, etc., electrodes, etc.). Glue cutting page …. (Affect the size of the cut sheet from - - - - - - - - - - to any size amount is larger, the cost becomes lower)

Pay attention to the design of the facade and side effects such as sinking Ridge ( due to the complexity of the facade, and sometimes Kuru of composite sheets, etc. At its own expense of excess A) the number of Windows type of flushing round size bumps Composite sheet layout cleaning in the ceiling mounting this can be done or not

Aluminum composite facade price

Generally, the cost of running this on the aluminum composite facade price is impressive , for employers are as follows:

Purchase Composite sheet / Foundation facade aluminum composite with ferrous profiles (purchase profiles 40_40 or 20_40 or…) / installation allowances Composite sheet installer ( which is the installation method depends on the cost method, fixed Regiment more ) / design (in some cases can be calculation )/ skin Cani facade aluminum composite (in large projects, the cost of the installation is higher) Important finds) / Composite cutting sheet to install halogen lamp (projects instead of fuel, important finds)

Aluminum composite facade price

Running prices per square meter composite facade

An important factor in the pricing per square meter aluminum composite facade : the number of window sinking, quas at the facade of the building, which is usually employers to calculate the composite sheet consumer length and width of your facade in the UAE won and work area of the window of this amount of people. But the Windows is bent corner next to the window, flushing the floor and ceiling window practically on the area of composite facade add.

Well, what is very clear is the weight is very low, they show themselves, attraction, hence the speed of implementation, especially under the roof certainly compared to the stone, we can view the vehicle in terms of being resistant against shocks we compare. But the stone because of its high weight and speed of execution is not in any position a great business opportunity should not be gone Scout next choices in addition to this that the stone, if, after a while of designs and colors, tired us.

Swapping is very difficult and demolishing a Roman view costs a lot on it. So if you think the view of the desired site, you should change the decor for a wise change of choice to have. Compared to the glass facade also consider the flexibility of composite sheet, the weight, the facade of the Rays there is more.

Running prices per square meter composite facade

Price of composite stone layout sheet

The price of the vehicle stone planning paper premium allomex the nanobond in Tehran, Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz , Karaj , Qazvin, Hamadan, Zanjan, Iran, Arak, Qom, Iran, Urmia Iran the Syrian people is the one who determines Iran Bushehr and Bandar Abbas

Another type of color categories ( such as composite paper ) composite stone layout paper is the stone-like patterns that the image comes in. Usually composite layout paper stones in the interior of buildings or poses will be used. Morphological characteristics this type of leaves is not a wood plan you must adhere to when you finish the project to enjoy it. In the following video of 4 samples of composite rock layout paper you see.

Composite stone layout sheet

Cheap Composite sheet Price

The most important issue before the estimated price of cheap paper composite, etc. Determine the location of the use of sheets of composite material. Fits the place of use the thickness of the surface veneer can be changed, which is one of the most important factors the price of composite sheet, etc. Thickness of aluminum shell shell. Now all paper composite users are looking for cheap paper composite but the risks of this type of search in runtime and consumption should be considered.

For example: the use of plate, sign, direction, shop with a bad shell instead of the outer paper makes it in the short term, paper drnma wave of attacks.You can imagine the summer sun, what are the consequences for a quality paper compound. Also, the use of boards, polyester exterior prohibited from these sheets should only be within the recommended use.

The use of napji composite paper can also be used for financial and Johnny. We recommend you to do a free consultation on this issue with us.🙂

Compound Villa facade

Composite wood facade design

Wood layout is also typical colors of all types of composite sheet, which is the top surface to form wood designs-so if you want to make this type of sheets on the building facade use, make sure the direction of the plan with your installer to coordinate. Usually in the vertical columns lifting plan must also be vertical and will be in the horizontal width of the composite of wood must be horizontal, it must be installed.Experience has shown that the use of this type of design combined with a mirror golden color palette or a silver or white mirror match well to create.

Composite sheet of wood

Disadvantages of aluminum composite facade

Disadvantages of aluminum composite facade, or existing problems in the use of this product is undoubtedly the biggest problem is available, so that the modern industry is hurting.In the following, We tried to point them out.

  1. Use quality products and withstand damages: (despite being in the country market, products with good quality standard as well as expert groups to implement this opinion too, by the way there. The use of sheets of non-traditional facades of buildings, sensitive, fire hazard, etc.)
  2. Presentations are not suitable by some non-professional people: (rain, especially in the discussion of the implementation of the paper erudite and resourceful people, except that the implementation of this product, push, and put people from hurting the industry baby hands killed. Also employers after research and guarantee the quality of the paper and run the work namasazi them, and this is only important from the reputable company they desire. )
  3. Economic savings: (view the vehicle in terms of economy, especially the type of fire fighting of stones or bricks to save not. So, if you are looking for an affordable interface for you. Arguably the aluminum composite facade will not be the perfect choice for you. )

  4. Crime cowards: (mass cowards Composite interface is relatively high because it is the interface of aluminum metal with color questioning these errors incurred to the interface of the direction of absorption of suspended particles in the air.Of course the sample plates with anti-dust nanotechnology. )

  5. The possibility of growth and reproduction of insects in the cracks of it : of course, by adopting preventive functions in the event that indoors, building, use insecticides, and should be used.
  6. Lower resistance of the stroke: one of the disadvantages of composite building facade considered.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum composite facade

Implementation of aluminum composite facade

Before any work must first method is to run, Composite, interface, to determine the edges of qualifying in different methods of installing its different widths. In total it can be said that in the method of installation fixed level in about 10 to 15 percent more than the level of visible view. In this procedure, hung these amounts to 15 to 20 percentThe reason for this is that in the method of hung edge qualifying due to the width of the punch on the sheet more.

Fixed method10% - 15%
Kong methods15% - 20%

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